Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Facebook Fan Appreciation

Today's writing prompt is on how important it is connecting with my Facebook Fans and ways of saying thank you to those fans.

One idea was a giveaway, another is A Fan Page Day or Fan of the Week. I like the giveaway idea and may do that later this Spring. The "Fan Page Day" is really intriguing.

This week, I will show my appreciation to my fans with a "Fan Page Day", by selecting a Fan Page at random, and promoting/sharing/tweeting their page or a product from their page throughout the day. I shall do this Fan Page Day on the 16th, and practiced sharing...although I couldn't share from my page's profile.

Then I need to begin focusing a new FB Page devoted to just crochet and gaining fans and followers there.


  1. Good start Holly. I'm super new to the using Social Media although I've been around for 2 years. It's only this year I decided to do something with it.

    Those ideas came from my observation and the SixSistersStuff ebook I bought. It's a great resource for bloggers.

  2. Great idea! This is definitely something i would love to do as well once time permits. Keep up the good work!