Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crochet Barbie Gown Ruby Queen Progress

The underskirt is crocheted and finished. Added a snap at back. Most of the crochet patterns for Bed Dolls and gown are designed in a way to have the gown sewn onto the intended doll. My current customer supplies her own vintage Barbies, so I have been needing to adapt the patterns to utilize snaps and create the ability to put the gowns on and take them off any doll.

I am still working on the beaded outer skirt, very close to the finish line on this part! I will get a photo of where we are on the gown. I wanted to crochet a bikini top for Barbie but will just use a blue box to cover her chest, or maybe paint in a bra on the photo!

This pattern has proven to be an incredible challenge! But I know that Ruby Queen is going to be a stunning gown once it is complete!

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