About Me

I'm Holly, aka MomLovesCrochet! 

I learned how to crochet from my mother at the age of 9. Unfortunately, I did not keep with it or do much crocheting in my teens or early 20's (horses, boys and The Monkees ruled the day).

We live in a small rural community in northeastern Arizona, the region being called the "White Mountains"... we now see why! After living 18 years in the sunny Phoenix area, we headed to snow country. I try my hand at gardening and raising chickens every summer. 

Fast forward 15 or so years, I began crocheting afghans for friends and family members as Christmas gifts. Then hats and scarves.

I have too many interests, really. I love to sew (mainly cloth dolls and doll clothes) and taught myself how to knit in 2005. I began with baby sweaters! Then decided to try crocheting baby sweaters.

At this time I really love crocheting with the size 10 cotton crochet thread. Tiny teddy bears appear out of nowhere and stunning Barbie Gowns that take months to complete.

I offer a variety of finished items and welcome custom orders. I always love a challenge and to learn something new with my crafts.

Please feel free to contact me whether it's just to say hi, or let me know of any ideas. 

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