Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 1 - 31 Days of Crochet Business Blogging Challenge

Goals for 2013

Such a frightening and daunting thought. As I sit here, I choose to focus on where I plan to be at the end of 2013. What do I want for my business(es)? How much do I want my crochet blog and business to grow? What do I need to channel my efforts on to attain those goals?

I've been considering for quite some time on narrowing the focus of my general crafting blog. And changing my mind again. Then thinking niche blogs would be more beneficial to readers. With that said, one goal is to get the general blog (though it will still be active) streamlined into several smaller more topic oriented blogs. I just have too many interests!

My financial goals for 2013
My money maker is crocheting and selling my work (strictly online)

My goals for the year will be to incoroporate the techniques I learn through the challenge, focus on gaining quality traffic and a readership. Once all the pieces are in place, the income will begin to flow. I don't want to set a monetary goal here just yet. Once things are in place, then I will set my first financial goal and strive for that.

Other goals are to create videos and more product.

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  1. "Once all the pieces are in place, the income will begin to flow" That is so true! It's a lot of work but it will all be worth it in the end :)